Networking & Social Mobilization

    The department is established with a vision to ensure the involvement and active participation of Nigerian youth in the process of decision-making in matters that affect their lives and to enable them participate in the sociology-political and economic development of Nigeria. The functions of the department include the following:

  • To build leadership skills and promote youth participation in governance and national development.
  • To recognize and honor youth’s contribution to society and increase opportunities for their participation in national development.
  • To address youth issues at continental and global levels.
  • To position and strengthen youth focused NGOs for better service delivery to the youth.
  • To strengthen the coordination role of the Ministry among NGOs and civil society and align their activities towards achieving specific objectives of the National Youth Policy.
  • To inculcate leadership qualities and promote values among Youth.
  • To reduce youth participation in violence and build a new generation of peace makers.
  • To discover, promote and harness the potentials of talented Nigerian youth and inspire young change makers to initiate and implement change projects in their communities.
  • Establishment of bilateral relations with regional and international communities for youth exchange programs.
  • Creation of opportunities for youth to interact and share ideas with decision/policy makers.
  • Promote excellence among youth through volunteerism recognition and award of excellence e.g National Youth Award Scheme.
  • Local/International Tours for youths.
  • Peace Building/Education/Conflict Management/Resolution Workshop.
  • Citizenship/Leadership Training.
  • Youth Education, Guidance/Counseling.
  • Youth Family Health.
  • Youth Interstate/LGA Exchange programme.
  • Youth Students’/Teachers Re-orientation workshop.
  • Conflict Resolution for students.
  • Youth Anti-vice/school social work.
  • Youth Holiday Camping
  • Youth Development Index
  • Establishment of Public/Private Sector Platform for Youth Development.
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