Agriculture has been one of the largest employers of people; in the Nigeria today, agriculture represents about 20% of the economy. “Sustainability” is the buzzword today as we look to balance several conflicting needs - to protect the environment and to instigate practices that protects it while providing for the growing needs of the future population growth.

    Engaging youth in agriculture has been a prominent topic recently and has risen up the development agenda, as there is growing concern worldwide that young people have become disenchanted with agriculture. The Ministry therefore hopes to achieve these targets by indulging youths in agriculture.

    The programme aims to support youths to introduce new technologies whilst also learning from traditional methods, holding the potential to offer the perfect fusion of new and traditional solutions to some of the nation’s biggest challenges. The programme also seeks to illustrate the role of innovation in agriculture by promoting the application of ICTs for Value Chains Development. Offer young farmers a voice and encourage others to join the sector. In this way, they can show other young people that farming can be a rewarding career as well as highlighting the important role of agriculture on a global scale.

  • Grass cutter farming.
  • Poultry farming/feed making.
  • Fish farming/feed making.
  • General crop production.
  • Rabbitary.
  • Snail farming.
  • Juice making.
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