Youth Education & Counseling

This department is responsible for the education of youth through citizenship and Leadership training, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, youth centre management, youth health and family education through campaigns and workshops.

  • Embark in education of youth and mentoring through citizenship and leadership training.
  • Peace building and Conflict Resolution
  • Youth Health and Family Education through campaigns and Workshop.

Youth Education and Counseling here relates basically to informal experience and knowledge acquired through interaction at home, peer group, club professional clientele services by officers etc. It involves, probing, evaluation, modification adjustment of one worldviews, values, mannerism and etiquette for an acceptable conduct in the society.

Through this informal education and counseling a client or average person (by group-work method) is assisted to solve a variety of problems and to be able to plan meaningfully for his/her future.

Generally, Government expects her citizens to participate in and enjoy from the welfare services provided for the improvement of quality of lives in the society. Youth education and counseling therefore in this perspective is development process whereby individual or groups are aided to improve his/their social relationship through knowledge of self and the importance of others that foster harmonious social pattern of life. By and large, it is a developmental, preventive and rehabilitative measure of social services.

The main aim of Youth Education and Counseling is to checkmate or handle situations that expose an average person or persons to act or react in a way that is not harmonious with the interest of others or group. It enables groups of persons or a person to make rational or reasonable decision that is beneficial and rewarding or morally reinforcing.

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